Hiking Crozon: Kergavan

We ventured off the Crozon peninsula for a hike near the town of Douarnenez. (So technically we weren’t really hiking Crozon, but that is the peninsula on the other side of the water in the pictures…) We started in the tiny hamlet of Kergavan, just west of Douarnenez. After parking in the small area provided […]

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Le Pont de Térénez

What happens when two retired engineers go to visit a really cool bridge? Lots and lots of pictures! We had driven over this bridge a couple of weeks ago and made a mental note to come back. When fair skies beckoned today, we headed over to take a closer look. The bridge takes the D791 […]

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Hiking Crozon: Pointe du Guern

Wind and clouds greeted the start of our hike from the big beach at Telgruc-sur-Mer, the Plage de Trez-Bellec. Telgruc is the next town down the Crozon peninsula from us; this beach is presumably the source of its name – -sur-Mer means “on the sea.” We both agreed that this was our nicest hike so […]

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Hiking Crozon: La Plage de Pentrez

The weather forecast said a few scattered showers. As we headed out on a hike, the sun quickly disappeared and soon a shower was scattering right on us. Fortunately we decided to persevere. It didn’t last long and we visited the huge, beautiful beach south of “our” beach: la plage de Pentrez (Pentrez Beach). At […]

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Our Beach

The Plage de Caméros (Caméros Beach) is just a short walk from our rental in Brittany. On the way we enjoy the flowers all around the home of our landlady’s parents, and wonder what they are going to do with all those apples and pears – at the moment they’re just dropping to the ground. […]

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Hiking Crozon: Pointe de Dinan

While entering a church in Umbria (Italy), we heard a tourist coming out say, “What can you say? Another beautiful church…” Here in Brittany, what can you say – another beautiful hike! The weather was particularly fine, not a cloud in the sky and about 20C (68F). In tribute to the weather gods, J changed […]

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Hiking Crozon: Pointe de Pen Hir

Every day in Brittany can’t be sunny, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go for a hike! We headed out toward the southern tip of the “trident” at the end of the Crozon peninsula and something unexpected appeared… But what caught our attention first: The naval architect may be retired, but ship artifacts will still […]

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Hiking Crozon: Cap de la Chèvre

The Crozon peninsula has an embarrassment of great places to hike. Our first expedition was to Cap de la Chèvre (Cape of the Goat). The flowering heather and gorse could be in Cornwall or Scotland…until the next hiker goes by and says “bonjour.” We continue to marvel at the many colors of the water, which […]

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