Our Beach

The Plage de Caméros (Caméros Beach) is just a short walk from our rental in Brittany. On the way we enjoy the flowers all around the home of our landlady’s parents, and wonder what they are going to do with all those apples and pears – at the moment they’re just dropping to the ground.

We pass between fields with views to the south…

… then the road descends steeply between houses with great views out to the ocean, and we’re there.

The tide makes a huge difference – either a big beach or no beach at all.

We can turn left and walk south along the cliff top…

Or we can walk to the right and go around the point…

Looking back to Plage de Caméros with the larger Plage de Pentrez in the distance
Around the point…

In either direction, it’s a great way to stretch our legs and, of course, find a few blackberries.

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