Market Day

Céret has the nicest weekly market we’ve seen in France. It’s a great mix of fruit and vegetable sellers, prepared foods, handmade items, and clothing (and a few sellers of junky plastic stuff – there’s no escaping it completely). It’s also very easy to get to – right outside our door! The first week we […]

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The Hunt

While MM visited, we took a Sunday hike to St. Ferréol’s hermitage (l’ermitage de St. Ferréol). It started in Céret, at the point where three bridges cross the Tech river – one antique, one for cars, and one train bridge converted to a rail trail. The old bridge is called the devil’s bridge (le pont […]

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As we soon as we started walking around Collioure, M asked, “Why aren’t we staying here?” I couldn’t have agreed more. If I’d known how gorgeous it was, we would be. Ah, well, there’s always next time… We’ve visited twice, once on a blue-sky day and once, with our guest MM, with a few sprinkles […]

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Welcome to Céret

We’re now just 12 km from the Spanish border and the Mediterranean is visible in the distance when we climb the hills just out of town. Things look very different here! Céret is at least 1300 years old, which explains the winding narrow alleys in the old town. Put out your arms and you can […]

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Biking, Biking, Everywhere

We had a great two weeks on the Île de Ré – love those bike trails! G and B joined us for the second week, when electric bikes were used by all, even M. We all enjoyed the extra oomph, especially when the wind was blowing. We visited the church in La Couarde for the […]

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Hello, Sunshine!

We were sorry to leave Brittany, but the brilliant sun and cloudless blue skies over the Île de Ré have brightened our moods considerably. Our rental in the village of Sainte-Marie-de-Ré is a perfect spot for enjoying this delightful weather. Large doors let in the sun and can be fully opened, making it feel like […]

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Farewell to Finistère

Five weeks went by in a flash! Last time we stayed for eight, and the weather got worse as the end of our stay approached, so we were ready to head south. (To lots more rain, but that was another story.) This time it was the opposite – the weather got nicer and it was […]

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Guests are Great!

Whew! Finally someone else to talk to! 😀 We had visitors last week and we took them around to see what are apparently our “greatest hits” in Brittany – we took our 2019 visitors to most of the same places. So if you come see us the next time we’re here, you know what you’re […]

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Cameret sur Mer

We had driven through the town of Cameret sur Mer several times, but never stopped to take in the sights. Last Thursday we headed out the Crozon peninsula to check it out. When we drove along the waterfront in 2019, there was two-way traffic. Now they’ve prioritized outdoor dining and pedestrians, with cars allowed in […]

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