Hiking Crozon: (Sunny) Pointe de Pen Hir

We enjoyed our first hike to Pointe de Pen Hir on a gray and drizzly day (see our earlier post). We returned to Pen Hir this week on a brilliantly sunny day; the views were upgraded to spectacular. The water color really is extraordinary in the sun.

First, however, we fortified ourselves with galettes (savory crepes made with buckwheat flour) and crêpes (sweet crepes with wheat flour)… although one hot fudge sundae (La Dame Blanche in France) was also consumed. This was our first visit to a crêperie on this trip. Thanks, C & A, for getting us out of our eating-at-home rut! (Who would have thought we’d be in one in France?) Crêperie Le Korrigan was excellent – both the food and the water views.

We once again visited the Battle of the Atlantic memorial and museum. Did the German soldiers enjoy the views or did they just think they were at the end of the earth?

Then we headed out to the point, walking along the easy (though stony) path. Occasionally, however, a photo opp called for some off-trail excursions…

M always said he was part mountain goat as he scampered up the White Mountains…

Out at the point, it’s even rockier.

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