Hiking Crozon: Pointe de Dinan

While entering a church in Umbria (Italy), we heard a tourist coming out say, “What can you say? Another beautiful church…” Here in Brittany, what can you say – another beautiful hike!

The weather was particularly fine, not a cloud in the sky and about 20C (68F). In tribute to the weather gods, J changed the planned hike from one that was within walking distance to one at the Pointe de Dinan. Definitely a wise move.

In the distance you can see the Pointe de Pen Hir, which we hiked last week on a not quite so brilliant day. I like the name of the little rocky islands off the tip of the point: lesTas de Pois or Pile of Peas.

One of the best known features at the Pointe de Dinan is the rock feature known as the Château de Dinan (Dinan Castle). Looking from the south, I can see doors and a gate (or is it a moat and a drawbridge?).

The Château de Dinan

But from the other side, it’s definitely a dragon. And isn’t the Dinan Dragon a way cooler name?

The Dinan Dragon!

There was quite a breeze from the northeast (thank goodness for the hat keepers!) and the windsurfers were flying across the bay. Watching them through binoculars was great – pictures from a distance don’t give you a sense of their speed.

We had to search for a sheltered spot to reduce the wind noise for one of our regular Facetime sessions with J’s dad back in the US. Isn’t it amazing what we can do out on the trail these days?

Walking while Facetiming may not be the best idea…

After an afternoon of hiking, there’s nothing like a kir to ease the pain….

And then it’s time for our dinners of choice:

J’s dinner
M’s dinner – the best baguette we’ve found, from Le Fourn’île in Crozon

2 thoughts on “Hiking Crozon: Pointe de Dinan

  1. Great pics! I was happy to see some pictures of J…I wondered if she was really there! 😄. Love the dinner choices…my brain would go with J’s Choice, but my heart (or my stomach) would be with M’s!


  2. The deep color blue seen here is breathtaking, almost palpable – no doubt amazing in person!


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