Seen Around Town

At the market in Crozon this morning were the biggest radishes we’ve ever seen – by far! The fall vegetables are super photogenic, so M couldn’t resist a few quick pics.

The fish monger came back from vacation last week, so there’s now quite a good selection of seafood.

Everyone else is, however, apparently going on vacation now. We went to a pizza place for lunch yesterday – closed. Our backup crêperie, closed – until spring! The best boulangerie (bread baker) in Crozon – closed. The second best boulangerie in Crozon – closed. And worst of all – the Sunday Chicken vendor is also MIA. Thank goodness for the sheep products vendor – Sunday Chicken will be Sunday Lamb, at least for this week.

The trees in Telgruc-sur-Mer have been feeling a little chilly lately, apparently…

When we arrived a little over a month ago, the field shown below was just dirt. J was, in fact, worried that, since we’d arrived at harvest time, all the fields would be brown during our stay. Instead, new crops have been planted all over. Sunflowers are blooming! Farmers don’t plant crops in September and October at home.

We never get tired of the views at our local beach and on the walks down to it. Hopefully you don’t either! Today there were gulls, oystercatchers, and some smaller birds we couldn’t identify taking advantage of the low tide.

And as a bonus, look what we found along the way!

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