Hiking Crozon: Kergavan

We ventured off the Crozon peninsula for a hike near the town of Douarnenez. (So technically we weren’t really hiking Crozon, but that is the peninsula on the other side of the water in the pictures…) We started in the tiny hamlet of Kergavan, just west of Douarnenez. After parking in the small area provided (big enough for about three cars), we walked down past a corn field to the coastal path (the GR34). Along the way we encountered a standing stone, or menhir as they’re called here.

Perhaps that’s a no-longer-standing stone under J’s feet?

That wasn’t the only interesting rock we saw on our hike:

I felt a big smile break out as we reached the path and admired the scenery.

This was the most strenuous hike we’ve done so far – lots of ups and downs. In some spots they even put in steps. Hiking sticks make a huge difference on the steep downhills – we’re glad we each brought one with us.

Like J, the trail also gets a pretty rough haircut!

We hiked through a wooded area where the ground was covered with horse chestnuts. We guessed they aren’t edible, as no one seemed to be gathering them, and wikipedia confirmed our hunch: they’re poisonous.

On our way home, we saw this odd vehicle in front of us:

Based on the name on the back, Publiroule, we guessed it was some kind of mobile billboard. (Advertising is publicité in French.) Through an extremely lucky picture as they slowed and we drove by, we saw that was true. If it keeps billboards off the roadsides, we’re all for it. Of course, we’re all for adopting dogs too!

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