Le Pont de Térénez

What happens when two retired engineers go to visit a really cool bridge? Lots and lots of pictures!

We had driven over this bridge a couple of weeks ago and made a mental note to come back. When fair skies beckoned today, we headed over to take a closer look. The bridge takes the D791 over the Aulne river in spectacular fashion. The French were kind enough to put in parking areas on both sides as well as a viewing platform on a portion of the earlier bridge… the only thing missing was les toilettes.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

The sign says: The new bridge at Térénez, opened to traffic in April 2011, is an exceptional work of art distinguished by a unique architectural vision. The first curved bridge with guy wires in France, it holds the world record for the distance between pillars (265 m; 870 ft). In addition to the two traffic lanes, two paths are reserved for pedestrians and bikes. [translation by J]

We did occasionally manage to look away from the bridge…

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