Deutsch or Français, Anyone?

If you happened to check out the blog on 1 October, you probably saw posts in German and French. J is working her language muscles by translating the blog into both those languages. Things are more organized now, and the other languages have their own spaces.

If you’d like to read the blog in the other languages (with a substantial time delay!), you can choose them from the menu at the top of the page or go directly to them: for French or for German.

These initial posts are unedited (i.e., not reviewed by a tutor yet), as are the bits below, and are pretty much guaranteed to be full of errors. The plan for the future is to run them by J’s tutors first, then post only grammatically correct versions. (If you worked with J, you already know this is a big thing for her! Or if you’re M… poor M 😩)

Wenn Sie den Blog in Deutsch lesen wollen, drucken Sie hier:

Si vous voudriez lire le blog en français, choississez

And if you’re wondering what else has been going on, it’s mostly rain. Rain, clouds, showers, (sun), RAIN, … repeat. As our French tutor said to M, “That’s Brittany!” Most days we’ve managed to sneak in a walk in between the raindrops. A couple of pictures from yesterday:

Today, however, looks much nicer.

Which is good, because we need to get out of the house more. When we stay in, we read the news. And what was the most read article on yesterday? Trump’s impeachment. There’s no escape!

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