Hiking Crozon: Île des Capucins

Tuesday’s hike provided a vivid contrast: boredom and thrills! Our Sunday washout left us hanging just shy of the Île des Capucins so we headed back toward Roscanvel to pick up the hike where we had left off in the rain. At first it seemed we weren’t going to reach the island today either. This […]

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Hiking Crozon: L’Aber

What a difference a day makes. Our Sunday hike was … rather damp. Monday’s hike was damp too, but only with sweat as the skies were blue and the sun was brilliant. We started at the Pointe du Guern, the end point of a previous hike. From there we headed west toward the River Aber. […]

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Hiking Crozon: Near Roscanvel

The maps have been rather confusing. The France Outdoors app says the GR34 doesn’t go out on the Roscanvel Peninsula. But other maps show it does. When we visited the Pointe des Espagnols (see our earlier post), we saw GR34 signs so we decided to head out to the coast west of Roscanvel for a […]

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Finistère Flowers

There’s definitely something to be said for a mild climate. The leaves are turning at home, but here the flowers just keep coming! Maybe all that rain isn’t so bad after all… The gardens at our rental are just as lush as when we got here six weeks ago.

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Pointe des Espagnols

I’m afraid we’re fair-weather hikers, so we’ve only had some short walks close to home over the last few days. It looks like we’ll far exceed the average of sixteen rainy days here in October; today is October fifteenth, we’ve only had one totally dry day so far this month, and the forecast is rain […]

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Hiking Crozon: Ménez Hom

We’d been waiting for a sunny day to hike the tallest nearby hill, Ménez Hom. Today fit the bill perfectly. In preparation we fortified ourselves with Sunday Lamb, a meal that was almost entirely sourced from the Crozon open-air market – delicious! Ménez Hom is 330 m (1083 ft) tall. The jury appears to be […]

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Seen Around Town

At the market in Crozon this morning were the biggest radishes we’ve ever seen – by far! The fall vegetables are super photogenic, so M couldn’t resist a few quick pics. The fish monger came back from vacation last week, so there’s now quite a good selection of seafood. Everyone else is, however, apparently going […]

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