Hiking Crozon: A Walk in the Bois du Loc’h

Two roads diverged in a wood and we – we took the one less traveled by… we ventured off the GR 34 on to a much less manicured trail yesterday. This hike featured forest greens and browns rather than the blues of sky and water as we walked in the Loc’h Wood (Bois du Loc’h) on the northern side of the Crozon peninsula.

As we started out, going up some steps in the hillside, a man going down let us pass and said “Bon courage.” Usually people say “Bonne route“, which loosely translates as “have a good trip”. How steep was this hill going to be if we needed courage to get up it? The steepest we’ve climbed up so far… pictures don’t really capture it, so you’ll just have to take our word for it.

A break in the trees gave us a view back to where we started:

There were few opportunities for views after that. Walking through the forest with the wind blowing in the treetops was a nice change of pace.

Slug yin and yang…

Thank goodness we don’t have slugs this big at home – we’d have no hostas at all! (Well, we don’t have hostas now anyway – but the slugs would give the deer a run for their money.) They’re at least 3 inches (10 cm) long… and they’re working on making some new little slugs (or so the internet tells me).

We ended the walk on a forestry road, where they really didn’t want you to go off the marked paths. This sign, loosely translated, says, “If you go off the path and get hurt, no one is going to help you”.

2 thoughts on “Hiking Crozon: A Walk in the Bois du Loc’h

  1. Still looks mostly green for you. We are now “past” good foliage and leaves are rapidly falling in the breeze. The memories we made in Spain and France, bring smiles to our faces. Thank you , again.


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