Hiking Crozon: Lézargol to Elléouët

Rain, rain, go away… and amazingly, it did! At 1100. it rained. By 1130, the sky was blue. Quick! Let’s hike! In order to not waste any of that precious blue, we hiked from Lézargol instead of driving somewhere. Fortunately, the coast is plenty scenic right here.

Look at all that blue sky!!

We headed west toward Pointe du Bellec along the GR34, but only made it as far as an apparently-unnamed point south of Elléouët. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did the hike!

By the time we reached “our” beach, Plage de Caméros, near the end of the hike, the clouds were gathering.

We got back around 1500. An hour and a half later, it was raining again. How’s that for timing?

Rain, rain, go away, come again in eighteen days… Here’s hoping it works!

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