A trip to Brest provided a rather startling contrast to our quiet country life in Lézargol. Just looking back at the pictures makes me tense up a little! On the plus side, there were lots of dining options and M got the burger he’d been craving. An American-style burger, no less, from a restaurant called Station Saint Louis. I suppose it’s a sign that the French think of New York when they think of America, as the American-style burgers at this “Saint Louis” restaurant were all named for New York City – the Manhattan, the Greenpoint, etc. They also served Breton-style burgers (named for neighborhoods in Brest) and Canadian-style poutine. Pretty much covering all the best things to eat with french fries!

The city is almost entirely new; it was heavily bombed during WWII. We had wondered if we would see any old buildings and to our surprise, we did see a few – right by the harbor, no less. Perhaps they were reconstructed after the war?

There are lots of ways to get across the river here – sky tram (seems like overkill), drawbridge, and low (removable) bridge. I’ve never seen one of these floating bridges before…

As we saw in Bordeaux, they have street-level trams sharing the roads – look twice before crossing!

The harbor is very industrial. On the drive in we passed two large cruise ships under construction, a container port facility, and all kinds of other marine uses.

The roads go right through the buildings
Heck, even the trees are metal!

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