The GR 34

What’s the best sign in Brittany? This one:

Why? Because it means you’re on the Grande Randonnée (GR) 34, the hiking trail that goes all the way around the coast of Brittany. It’s 1800 kilometers long. We’ve only hiked a fraction of those kilometers, but we’ve enjoyed them all.

There’s something for everyone: stark natural beauty,

walks on the beach,

cool rocks,

gorgeous ocean views,


quiet woods,

muscle-strengthening climbs,

engineering marvels,

relics of war,

and monuments to the brave

We are leaving Brittany today and heading to the Dordogne. We’re sorry to be leaving all this, but the GR64 is just across the river from our next rental… who knows what we’ll find there?

2 thoughts on “The GR 34

  1. Have enjoyed your posts from Brittany so much! Wow, that time went fast! Hope the Dordogne is just as wonderful for you both…will look forward to the reports!


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