Hiking Crozon: Pointe du Guern

Wind and clouds greeted the start of our hike from the big beach at Telgruc-sur-Mer, the Plage de Trez-Bellec. Telgruc is the next town down the Crozon peninsula from us; this beach is presumably the source of its name – -sur-Mer means “on the sea.”

Plage de Trez-Bellec at low tide.
Notice the concrete in the lower right – that’s the bunker in the next picture
This must have been a lonely outpost during the war

We both agreed that this was our nicest hike so far. While others may have been more scenic every step of the way, this one has a really nice mix of terrain – beach, rocky points, a steep section to wake up our legs, pine forest, heather and gorse, and, at the furthest point we hiked to, spectacular views.

It’s a long slide down to the water if you go off the path…
We didn’t see any, unfortunately, since a long head-to-tail train of caterpillars sounds intriguing – but why aren’t we supposed to touch them?
Wikipedia has the answer: “severely irritating hairs”
Black and white wasn’t the plan, but it gives an interesting perspective. I half expect to see some 1930s cars to appear…
There was a lot less beach at the end of our hike, three hours later
Another example of the tidal (and cloudiness) changes – this was on our way out
And this was on the way back

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