Hiking Crozon: La Plage de Pentrez

The weather forecast said a few scattered showers. As we headed out on a hike, the sun quickly disappeared and soon a shower was scattering right on us. Fortunately we decided to persevere. It didn’t last long and we visited the huge, beautiful beach south of “our” beach: la plage de Pentrez (Pentrez Beach).

At one end of the beach, birds were waiting out the high wind.

At the other end, people were flying across the waves.

The village has an interesting juxtaposition of old, new, and WWII.

See the bunker on the beach?
The road goes around this bunker at the top of the hill, and the houses go right up to it.

There are placards along the beach promenade giving historical info about the area. This one says children were plunged in the fountain then put on the small granite chair in order to make them walk faster!

According to this one, in times of drought three young women named Marie would approach the fountain from different directions and clean it in total silence in order to bring the rain. We can guess who got blamed if it didn’t work…

By the time we got back to our home beach at Caméros, the skies were mostly blue and the sun was smiling on us as we found the biggest trove of blackberries yet!

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