Hiking Crozon: Cap de la Chèvre 2022

One of our favorite hikes is a loop at the Cap de la Chèvre, which is the tip of the southern point of the trident formed by the Crozon peninsula. It has a memorial to fallen naval aviators

and an area for people to make their own smaller versions from the plentiful rocks on the cape:

We started our hike going east along the landward side of the cape, which is less dramatic than the side exposed to the ocean.

As we cut across to the ocean side, it was hard to believe that people could have made a living out here. The soil is almost non-existent, it’s really windy, and the wind coats everything in salt. Despite that, there were old stone walls zig-zagging through the heather, bracken and gorse. Someone obviously felt the need to divide up the land, despite its infertility. Perhaps, given the name of the cape (chèvre is goat), goats were grazed here on the prickly plants.

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