Beach Day!

This morning we were seriously regretting our decision to not go to the beach yesterday. On Sunday we had had a delightful visit to the Plage de Pentrez, spending half an hour in the water that had warmed as the incoming tide ran over the sun-warmed sand. Yesterday, based on a forecast of absolutely clear skies today, we took a walk instead of heading to the beach. Why go to the beach with a fair number of clouds around when we could wait for a perfect day? As we walked, J even complimented the French weather forecasters, who have been much more accurate than the ones at home this summer. There, you could’t be sure what the weather would be until it was actually happening overhead.

So we were definitely disappointed when we got up today to find a completely cloudy sky and cool temperatures. We had resigned ourselves to a salt-water-free day, when the skies miraculously cleared after lunch. The beach was a go after all!

It was tempting to go to the Trez Bihan Plage in Telgruc-sur-Mer that we had hiked by on Sunday (photos below), but we opted for the nearby Plage de Pentrez.

Trez Bihan Plage
Who wouldn’t want to swim here?

We got some exercise walking to and from the water. When we arrived (about two hours after low tide), it took us six minutes to get to the water from the spot where we left our towels. By the time we left, three hours later, the walk took only a minute or so.

The water got progressively warmer as the tide came in, giving us an incentive to keep making the trek for another dip. The sun was warm but not too warm, and a gentle breeze kept the flies away. M said it was the best beach visit he had ever had (or at least that he could remember!).

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