Hiking Crozon: La Lieue de Grève to Ty Mark

We did two shorter hikes over two days to explore a piece of the coast that is quite close to our rental that we had not yet visited. We started in the middle of a very long beach, the Lieue de Grève or the Strand League (league being a distance, not an association). At one end of the Lieue is the Plage de Pentrez, a frequent destination for our local walks. At the other end is the Plage de Lestrevet. Between them is the best entertainment a wide flat beach can offer – kites, pedal dune carts, sailing carts, kitesurfing… The carts look like a lot of fun without a big learning curve.

Unfortunately, one of the best things about the GR34 (the hiking trail that follows the coast) – how close it is to the water – will also be one of its eventual downfalls. Along part of our route the path takes the road instead of the cliff edge, which is no longer safe:

That was only a small piece of the trail, however, so we were able to enjoy the coast up close and personal along the rest of our route.

The picture below of the beach at Pors ar Varg looks tropical to me, but the water definitely doesn’t feel it. The surfers we saw on the first day were all wearing full wetsuits, as were some of the bathers.

Pors ar Varg
Pors ar Varg
A house with a view
Sail carts at rest as we returned

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