Béziers claims to be the oldest town in France… who knows how many other towns claim the same thing? (Perhaps I’m feeling a little jaded, having just read up on the “Cathar” castles in the area, many of which were built after the Cathars were killed (by Catholics in a crusade).) Regardless, Béziers is a beautiful small city, though none of its Cathar roots were visible.

Did you notice that everything above the lower roof is a painting?

As in Narbonne, there are many very narrow, twisting and turning streets in the old part of town. Narrow is relative, though – they’re a lot wider than many in Sarlat!

We thought the Christmas market in Narbonne was pretty large – Béziers’ is probably three times as big, with many more carnival games of skill (or luck). And, oddly, a large number of flower vendors…

The cathedral in Béziers is particularly beautiful inside. It has gorgeous ornamentation, and, most importantly, you can actually see it all. We’ve been in so many churches where you’re peering into the darkness trying to see what the subject of that painting is… This was the best-lit cathedral we’ve ever been in, I think.

The stations of the cross were small, but beautiful

2 thoughts on “Béziers

  1. Beautiful church, and stained glass artwork. If the piazza fountains are lit up at night, must be really pretty! French balconies, everywhere — I’m wondering if they were added on to buildings years later, as these (now old) cities grew more heavily populated/congested or, rather, when being built. Either way, so nice to be able to be outside in good weather with a cup of … something … rather than having to leave your home.

    What percentage of the time would you say you find yourselves dining out rather than cooking? (No doubt it depends on a variety of things.)

    Temperatures here and up into Boston were in the high 60s yesterday; we pulled out the outdoor chairs and pretty much read all morning long. What an incredible treat for mid-January, not to mention the significant savings on our heating bill! The winds were heavy, but I love that; even the 18 ft. High hemlocks flanking our back yard were swaying! Nice.


    1. We only eat out occasionally- once every week or two. (This last week was the most we’ve done, as we had an anniversary and then a guest – three lunches out.) We’ve really been trying to experience living here, not be “on vacation,” and J does like to cook!


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