Welcome to Narbonne

We left the Dordogne a week earlier than originally planned, worn down by the rain and okay but not the greatest accommodations. We came three and a half hours south and a little east to the small city of Narbonne, which is just a few kilometers from the Mediterranean. Three and a half hours isn’t very far, but the terrain is totally different. Both M and S commented that the hills and valleys of the Dordogne looked like western Pennsylvania. Narbonne, on the other hand, looks, well, Mediterranean.

The photos didn’t lie about our rental in Narbonne – it’s awesome! Full of light and in the heart of the city, looking out on a pedestrian way and canal. The Christmas market is literally at our doorstep, so last night we finally got around to trying the traditional vin chaud (hot mulled wine).

The Christmas marché, as seen from our balcony

Just down the street, even the buildings are wrapped for Christmas – though the giant cupcake is rather a surprise. Cupcakes don’t seem very… French.

Today we took a walk along the canal to begin to explore the city. I’m sure it’s the first of many such walks.

M particularly enjoys the mix of old and new in France

By far the most interesting ride they have at the Christmas festival is the Star Tower (which plays the Star Wars theme every time it lifts off). The swings go all the way up to the top of the tower then back down, spinning all the time.

The pedestrian way in front of our apartment
Home sweet home for the next two months! Two tall flights of stairs will help compensate for the excellent patisserie just down the street!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Narbonne

  1. Narbonne looks very inviting. I’m sure you will enjoy what the area has to offer. Happy New Year!


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