Last week we visited the medieval city of Carcassonne, which claims to be the second most-visited attraction in France (the Eiffel Tower is first). Given all the narrow streets, we were happy to be here in January without the crowds!

Look how long the shadows are – and this was at noon! C was visiting for the week – we really enjoyed seeing the sights with her (and stopping frequently for espresso!).

You never know when some modern art is going to pop up!

The castle exhibits included a cool scale model of the castle, city ramparts, and the basilica – but I guess it was too much work to model everything else in town…

Out in the old town, some house modifications looked a little dubious… Who calculated the weight of all that stone and the bending moment?

We visited the Basilica of Saints Nazarius and Celsus, where M got a little carried away with pictures, so that will be a separate post…

We finished up with espressos down in the new part of Carcassonne by the Canal du Midi, which connects Bordeaux, over on the Atlantic coast, to the Mediterranean near Narbonne.

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