Man the Pumps!

Have we mentioned the rain? Yes, after a brief respite, the heavenly faucets are once again open and the river is rising rather quickly. And the forecast is … rain!


The object sticking out of the water furthest to the left above is the sign in the picture below:

This is nothing, however, compared to some previous years. A few days ago we noticed people looking at some markers on the house two doors down from us.

The highest flood level is a little hard to see – it’s etched in the larger stone at the top and says September (7Bre) 1866. Below that is March 1912, then December 1944 and December 1940. Just what they needed to add to their misery during WWII – not one big flood, but two….

In that 1866 flood, our floorboards up here on the second floor would be just about awash. Who knows what climate change will bring for this area in the future?

Saturday morning update: it’s risen another meter or so. Where before we could see 9 steps down to the river near our apartment, now we only see 4… and these steps are completely submerged:

And the parking lot has started to flood… but the landlord says “Pas d’inquiétude “ (Don’t worry)

One thought on “Man the Pumps!

  1. These are really impressive pictures. A has looked ahead and you should have a dry Christmas, ours looks to be white. Will spend in Dover with Benson’s.


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