Some Things Are Different in France: Poultry

Yesterday we decided to try a roast chicken from the supermarket. Like at home, they’re prepackaged in a bag and kept warm. We got it home and wanted to heat it up a little. But when we got it out of the bag, it looked a little odd… At first J thought they had stuck another wing in there to make it a little heavier.

But no, it wasn’t a wing:


Last year we took a cooking class in Bordeaux. The main course was pigeon and we started with the whole bird, similar to these we saw in the market later:

We had to chop off the heads and feet and gut them – something we’d never done before. But somehow this was different…. or maybe it was just the unexpected appearance of the head that was startling.

Regardless, we think we’ll skip the supermarket chickens from now on. Of course, the main reason is it wasn’t as tasty as one fresh off the rotisserie… but it will also be safely headless!

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