Hiking Périgord: Langlade

You’d think we’d know better by now…but no. When the forecast changed from rain to sun for the afternoon, we headed out for a hike actually expecting to stay dry. We started in the nearby village of St Vincent de Cosse, walking up a road that turned into a forest track.

Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, we found some exercises to do – with hiking sticks, no less.

M got in the spirit!

We kept going up on a path through the woods until we reached the hamlet of Langlade.

J doing her “cormorant drying its wings” pose to cool off after the long uphill

It’s interesting how different the churches are here compared to those in Brittany. The Breton churches have thin, spindly spires that look like they will blow over in a good storm. Here the bells are frequently in an extension of an end wall, no spire at all – and very solid looking.

This hamlet not only has good-looking houses, it also has spectacular views of the Dordogne river valley. We’d love to come back on a totally clear day, but who knows if there will be one before we head on?

As we headed back down into the river valley, it started to sprinkle…then it stopped and we thought we’d dodged the bullet. But no, we were pretty well soaked by the time it finally let up.

We apparently looked pretty scary – these sheep just kept running away. This was the first time since Scotland that we’ve seen sheep on the loose, free to run in the road. At least this was a slow-speed country lane…

Not everything ran away…

We saw some unusual chimney repairs along our route… what made them choose brick?

Amazingly, there are still roses blooming!

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