Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

The week before Christmas we had the pleasure of hosting our friends S & B for a week. The floodwaters were receding from their high point, having flooded the road just a few houses down – and making us happy we’d rented a place on the second floor, so we headed out for the longest hike of our trip so far.

We repeated our hike to Vézac of a couple of weeks ago, but added on a visit to the gardens of Marqueyssac. These are up on top of a cliff, with fantastic views of the Dordogne valley.

But theIr real claim to fame are the amazing sculpted boxwood gardens. Unfortunately the sun wasn’t good for pictures, but you’ll get the idea:

There’s a long walk along the top of the cliffs leading to an overlook of La Roque-Gageac. They’ve added a lot of things since we visited fifteen years ago – a Via Ferrata, rock climbing, and concessions. None, of course, were open at the end of November but we still really enjoyed exploring.

As we walked back along a path through the woods, we found an … art installation? Along the path were pictures:

At first we thought these were photos of the garden in fall and winter … but no, they’re color-altered photos of trees with all their leaves. Perhaps the French feel a walk down a woodland path is too boring without art? Personally, I’m fine with just trees!

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