La Roque-Gageac: After the Flood

When we arrived in La Roque-Gageac on 1 November, it was raining, had been for a quite a while, and continued for days. We hadn’t realized, however, that things were actually pretty normal at that point. Then we looked back at some pictures for this post:

On 3 November the quay where the gabarres tie up is clearly visible

By 6 November, that had all changed…

No quay to be seen on the 6th

Just how high was it going to get? Every time we went out, we looked at the river and said, “ It’s higher, isn’t it?” But it wasn’t really – we started counting the visible steps on a stairway and it stayed at 12 steps for days.

This rod can be seen to the left in the picture below

By 15 November the water was receding, but not very quickly as it kept raining off and on…

On the 24th, the quay finally reappeared:

J would have been fully underwater here on the 6th!

Down the river a little way, we were surprised to find that there’s actually quite a bit of land between the trail and the river – usually. On our first hike, we had to find an alternate route:

But last week there was a grassy expanse:

A Little further along, the grass at this campsite has been very well watered

At least it wasn’t salt water… and thank goodness it never came up to the houses!

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