Hiking Périgord: Vézac

Fueled by our Thanksgiving leftovers, we headed out from La Roque-Gageac this afternoon on a hike that looped to the north and west of the village. It was amazingly warm – we never expected to be dressed like this on November 29th:

After a short walk on a road, we headed up into the trees. I’m still amazed at all the walls and terraces we see out in the middle of the woods. Much of our uphill walk was on what must have once been a narrow lane between stone walls.

When we got to the top of the hill, the first house we saw most have spectacular views, though we only got a taste:

As we came back on to paved roads, we encountered this fellow:

I assume he’s not actually a Christmas elf, but that’s certainly what he looks like! (Actually we found a sign later that said this is a miller’s walk, so perhaps he’s carrying a sack of flour…)

As we reached the halfway point of the hike, things were looking ugly to the north. Was this going to be another drowned-rat expedition?

Of course, bad weather has it’s compensations:

It was actually a full rainbow, but we were too close to get it all in one picture… And our luck was in – it only sprinkled on us.

The final leg of our hike went through the campground we mentioned in the last post about the end of the flooding. Apparently we spoke too soon – the river is rising again. At least the swans were enjoying eating all that easy to reach grass…

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