Le Château de Beynac

The first time we visited the Dordogne, in 2004, we were surprised to learn that the English had spent a lot of time fighting the French here in southwestern France – not just during the Hundred Years war but for several hundred years. The English King Richard I was actually imprisoned in a tower in this castle.

All that warfare left lots of interesting places to visit, like the bastide (fortified town) of Domme, which we visited last week, and this castle. Another castle, Castelnaud, is only a kilometer or two away. It begs the question of why they needed to build them so close together… maybe one was French and one was English?

The castle above Beynac-et-Cazenac has great views of the Dordogne River.

But you might not want to look over the edge if you have an issue with heights…

Perhaps they sold something over the counter?

Wooden overlooks were by every entry. I wonder how well they worked, given a flaming arrow or two could do them in…

And I thought asphalt shingles were heavy!
Even with two fireplaces, this was probably always cold in the winter.
The faux fire certainly didn’t warm us up any!
Arms from the third crusade
Not enough room to have your sword sticking out behind you while you ate, I guess…
That wear took a lot of feet…
One of the best things about visiting in the off-season – pictures without random people popping into them!
King Richard’s prison high in a tower, not down in the dungeons
Somehow this looks like it was transplanted from Italy…

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