Food, Glorious Food

J has been stretching her culinary wings lately, as the French markets have many vegetables we’ve rarely, or never, eaten. For example, endive has been prominent in several salads. Combined with the already-cooked beets available both in the markets and individually packaged at the supermarket (such as the ones in the photo – good until March 2020!), endive becomes a serious pig-out food. (But is it a pig-out if it’s a salad?)

This endive, beet, goat cheese and walnut salad may not look like much, but it was amazing! We couldn’t stop eating it!

Today, we extended our radish eating to black radishes, and had some Jerusalem artichoke for the first time to boot. The black radishes aren’t as attractive as the red, pink, and white ones we had in Brittany, but they were equally delicious sautéed in butter.

The protein was a slice of a lamb leg. We’ve had several different cuts of lamb while in France and they’ve all been fabulous. I presume it’s because they’re local… at home, the lamb comes from out west somewhere – or Australia.

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