We wrote about the Saturday market in Sarlat a few days ago. This time we’d like to show you the town.

Wikipedia says the center of Sarlat is an excellent example of a French town in the 1300s, because “modern history has passed it by.” I’m guessing that wasn’t so great for the inhabitants, but it does make it a fascinating place to visit. Dozens of narrow alleyways beckon us to explore.

Some of the buildings look pretty decrepit…

And some just look very narrow!

We visited Sarlat back in 2004 and vividly remember a night when they lit the central square:

Sarlat in September 2004

We were both surprised to find the town center to be much smaller than we remembered.

On Wednesdays the market fills the square and spills out down the largest street

One thing that’s still just as big as we remembered – the doors on this church!

It was actually a pretty small church (now it’s a market) – why did it need such enormous doors??

The other side of the church…

The gardens behind the (larger) Sarlat cathedral have an unusual, bullet-shaped building called a “Lantern for the Dead”.

How many thousands of feet did it take to wear away this stone leading into the church gardens?

The WWII memorial in Sarlat makes distinctions between the types of dead, something we hadn’t seen in other regions – died in combat, civil victims “of the Nazi barbarity”, and deported and interned. In Domme, it was even more explicit – one of the categories was “Shot”.

Some more views of downtown Sarlat:

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