Saint Malo: Ya Gotta Go!

Our friends G&B visited Saint Malo last year and highly recommended it. J’s former French teacher, upon hearing we are in France, said we have to go not just to Saint Malo but specifically to Le Beaufort hotel. (Carol brings small groups over for guided tours of France, so she’s found all kinds of great spots.) Then, it was J’s birthday… and what do you give someone who’s already at the luggage weight limit? Travel! Two nights at Le Beaufort was the perfect gift.

Le Beaufort Hotel

Le Beaufort has a tea room overlooking the water. We had never tried Mariage Frères teas before – they are a step… no, a leap … above the tea we normally drink (Twinings loose teas). Two days, two delicious teas (with pastries) – a great way to unwind after a long day of sightseeing.

Saint Malo has a big tidal swing – when we were there the tide rose and fell over 8 meters (26 feet). Our room overlooking the promenade and beach (when there was one) gave us a great view of all the changes.

The water didn’t sound like the waves breaking on an ocean beach, which gets louder and softer, but rather was a continuous murmur (when the tide was out) or a continuous rumble (when the tide was in).

The long promenade along the beach is a great place to admire the houses and people watch.

The walls of the old city are a fantastic walk on a nice day. On this sunny Saturday, there were sailboats as far as the eye could see. Given the tidal changes, do they have their GPS, charts, and tide tables all linked up together?

Now that’s a pool!
Who wouldn’t like a town whose mascot is Super Stoat (La Grande Hermine)?

We would have been happy to spend a few more days in Saint Malo. There’s more to see in the old city and in the surrounding area. And we wouldn’t be averse to another dinner at the Bistro Autour du Beurre!

3 thoughts on “Saint Malo: Ya Gotta Go!

  1. Great looking town. I did the Google street view thing. Silly question: it looks like building after building along the row of structures where the Beaufort hotel is located are all attached to each other. There’s no apparent alley or walkway that gets you from the road to the beach-side of the properties. Is that the case? Is everything really attached? (Just curious!)


    1. They are attached, but every now and then there is a street or alleyway that dead-ends at the promenade so people can get through. One day we saw a guy in a wetsuit carrying his surfboard down to the beach from town… a different sort of outfit for leaving your house!


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