Mont Saint Michel

Yes, it’s iconic and it’s on everyone’s bucket list… but it wasn’t that great. The views from afar and the slowly increasing size of the mount as you walk across the salt marsh were definitely the best part.

If I had it to do over, I would skip the tour of the abbey. Lots of big stone rooms, very plain stained glass, no rhyme or reason to the architecture… But if you insist on seeing it, be sure to buy your tickets in advance (e-tickets are accepted). The line for tickets was at least a half hour long – and that was relatively early on a cloudy Friday, not on a blue-sky weekend day.

Finally something that wasn’t stones!

By the time we left, the crowds were noticeably bigger – perhaps Friday is the day for school outings in France? But at least we could still maneuver through the crowd… one article said that sometimes it gets so crowded all you can do is stand there and wait. Ugh.

We had been commenting that we still hadn’t heard a single American voice since leaving Paris… that all changed at Mont Saint Michel. Here’s where all the Americans have been hiding! Not to mention the Italians, Brits, Spanish, ….

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