Hiking Crozon: Cap de la Chèvre

The Crozon peninsula has an embarrassment of great places to hike. Our first expedition was to Cap de la Chèvre (Cape of the Goat).

The flowering heather and gorse could be in Cornwall or Scotland…until the next hiker goes by and says “bonjour.”

We continue to marvel at the many colors of the water, which is unbelievably clear. The camera never does it justice.

Out at the point is a memorial to WWII French aviators; visitors have been adding their own, much smaller versions.

Definitely designed by a man…

2 thoughts on “Hiking Crozon: Cap de la Chèvre

  1. What great fun! From the array of fancy butters and decadent deserts, to the gorgeous seaside hikes, it appears that you have every reason to indulge … and then work it off in amazing fashion. Great fun, throughout. Enjoy the dream! (And many thanks for the postcard … first I’ve ever gotten from France!)


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