More Butter!

What’s better than a birthday gift of a two-night stay at Le Hotel Beaufort facing the sea in Saint Malo? Adding on dinner at the Bistrot Autour du Beurre (the “All About Butter” bistro).

No restaurant that starts you off with an eight butter tasting could possibly be bad. The butters are amazing: seaweed, buckwheat, fennel, spicy pepper, olive oil and lemon, raspberry, and, of course, salted and sweet. Not to mention that the bread was some of the best we’ve had in a French restaurant. Obviously if you want your butters to taste fabulous, they need the best bread.

M preferred the olive oil/lemon and spicy while J fell in love with buckwheat (though fennel was a close second). And of course there’s the guilty pleasure of eating your bread with butter in France – definitely not something the French do.

The rest of the meal lived up to the butter. I don’t know what they did to that green zebra tomato, but it was incredible.

And who wouldn’t like desserts that taste even better than they look? It’s restaurants like this that make France such a great place to eat.

Could definitely see having this hanging at home!

6 thoughts on “More Butter!

    1. I’ve never had butter like this in the States, so they’ll have to find a producer. This bistro is run by the butter producer next door, Beurre Bordier, which provides butter to some of the best restaurants in France.


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