Welcome to Céret

We’re now just 12 km from the Spanish border and the Mediterranean is visible in the distance when we climb the hills just out of town. Things look very different here!

Céret is at least 1300 years old, which explains the winding narrow alleys in the old town. Put out your arms and you can just about touch both sides. It’s very easy to get lost! I wouldn’t want to live on one of the alleys – there’s very little light. Our street, however, is wider with beautiful old London plane trees.

Well-known artists visited here frequently and there are still many galleries and workshops. The town definitely celebrates its artistic history. There are placards showing paintings of the town everywhere you walk. There’s also a modern art museum, but we’re saving that for a rainy day.

Some residents may be a little tired of the hype, however. Seen on one building:

Pablo Picasso didn’t live here!

One of the reasons we chose this rental is the rooftop terrace, with views to the hills:

After all our hiking in Brittany, we thought we were in pretty good shape. The longer, steeper trails out of town have set us straight. We huff, we puff, we stop and have a drink (repeatedly), and eventually we get to the top. Whew!

A nice stop on the hike called “Balcon de Céret” (Ceret’s balcony) is an orientation table with hand-painted tiles:

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Céret

  1. What a lovely place. You made a good choice with the town and rental! You will be ready to hike in New Hampshire when you get back!


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