Biking, Biking, Everywhere

We had a great two weeks on the Île de Ré – love those bike trails! G and B joined us for the second week, when electric bikes were used by all, even M. We all enjoyed the extra oomph, especially when the wind was blowing.

One of many salt evaporation ponds, where you can buy straight from the producer


We visited the church in La Couarde for the first time. The stained glass window above tickled J’s fancy. All the other windows just showed saints. This one, donated by a retired naval officer, has ships with no obvious religious context – everyone has their priorities!

La Flotte – who pulled the plug?
Shipping headed to La Rochelle

We wondered what the structure above is. They were for catching fish when the tide goes out – some fish don’t swim out in time, then people go out and net them. I guess if the fish are plentiful it could be worth it…

A day at the beach showed us yet another cool water+wind sport – foiling on a board with a hand-held inflatable wing. What will they think of next?

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