Farewell to Finistère

Five weeks went by in a flash! Last time we stayed for eight, and the weather got worse as the end of our stay approached, so we were ready to head south. (To lots more rain, but that was another story.) This time it was the opposite – the weather got nicer and it was hard to tear ourselves away from the cliffside walks overlooking crystal clear water, gorgeous beaches, and ever-changing cloud formations…not to mention the delicious (and organic!) bread from Le Fourn’île in Crozon.

But our time was up and last Saturday we headed south toward the Île de Ré with mixed emotions. Hopefully we’ll be back soon. Here are a few of our favorite memories.

One thought on “Farewell to Finistère

  1. We’re glad you had a wonderful stay at Finnisterre, and hope you find Ile de Re equally pleasing.


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