Guests are Great!

Whew! Finally someone else to talk to! 😀 We had visitors last week and we took them around to see what are apparently our “greatest hits” in Brittany – we took our 2019 visitors to most of the same places. So if you come see us the next time we’re here, you know what you’re in for!

Crêpes with a view at Le Korrigan in Postolonnec

The very cool Pont de Térénez
Our local beach, the Plage de Cameros
Standing stones at the Alignements de Lagatjar

The views at the end of the Crozon peninsula at Pointe de Pen Hir, the Plage du Pen Had, and the Pointe du Toulinguet:

La Plage de Pen Had with the Pointe du Toulinguet in the distance

Pointe de Pen Hir

A day at the beach (Plage de Pentrez), with yet more wind-powered toys and delightful swimming

And finally, a visit to the seaside village of Morgat:

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