Hiking Périgord: La Treille

Sunday’s hike wasn’t the most photogenic, as we mainly were walking through the woods, first on small roads, then on trails. We started in the parking lot of one of the local castles, Castelnaud, and our hike took us west and north. Castelnaud is high on a hill overlooking the Dordogne. We didn’t go in, […]

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Seen Around Town

We had a particularly pretty sunrise a few days ago. Some days recently it’s been so foggy we can’t even see the other side of the river! The birds we were missing in Brittany are abundant here. The cliffs house hundreds of black birds called choucas. Every dawn and dusk huge flocks swirl overhead, coming […]

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Dordogne Barns

There’s a style of barn here in the Dordogne that we’ve never seen anywhere else. What’s the purpose of the slatted sections? Air flow for drying walnuts? No, tobacco drying! We never imagined tobacco as a local product until we read it in Wikipedia. The local barns also have a lot of individual character, not […]

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Hiking Périgord: Vézac

Fueled by our Thanksgiving leftovers, we headed out from La Roque-Gageac this afternoon on a hike that looped to the north and west of the village. It was amazingly warm – we never expected to be dressed like this on November 29th: After a short walk on a road, we headed up into the trees. […]

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La Roque-Gageac: After the Flood

When we arrived in La Roque-Gageac on 1 November, it was raining, had been for a quite a while, and continued for days. We hadn’t realized, however, that things were actually pretty normal at that point. Then we looked back at some pictures for this post: By 6 November, that had all changed… Just how […]

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Le Château de Beynac

The first time we visited the Dordogne, in 2004, we were surprised to learn that the English had spent a lot of time fighting the French here in southwestern France – not just during the Hundred Years war but for several hundred years. The English King Richard I was actually imprisoned in a tower in […]

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We wrote about the Saturday market in Sarlat a few days ago. This time we’d like to show you the town. Wikipedia says the center of Sarlat is an excellent example of a French town in the 1300s, because “modern history has passed it by.” I’m guessing that wasn’t so great for the inhabitants, but […]

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Food, Glorious Food

J has been stretching her culinary wings lately, as the French markets have many vegetables we’ve rarely, or never, eaten. For example, endive has been prominent in several salads. Combined with the already-cooked beets available both in the markets and individually packaged at the supermarket (such as the ones in the photo – good until […]

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