Hiking Périgord: St Julien

Whew! Yesterday evening, we were happy to be in our apartment, warm and fed, rather than just getting back, long after dark. Our three-hour hike came far too close to being a six-hour slog. More on that later… Our hike began on the GR (Grande Randonnée) 64 – our first steps on this hiking path, […]

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Doors of Domme

While we walked around Domme on Sunday, we really enjoyed seeing all the different details on the doors and gates … and we got a little carried away taking pictures of them…. hope you enjoy the variety!

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Sunday dawned bright and sunny – what a pleasant surprise! We gave the Sunday Chicken a pass this week and had Sunday Duck instead. Sautéed peppered duck breasts in a red wine sauce -yum! And we’ve really come to enjoy mashed potatoes with celeriac (celery root) in them. We’d never had celeriac at home, where […]

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Saturday in Sarlat

You can get anything you want at … the Saturday marché. Hmm, it doesn’t quite have the same ring as the Guthrie original, but it’s true! The nearest large town, Sarlat-la-Canéda, has a small market on Wednesday and a larger one on Saturday. Having gone to the Wednesday one, which had a dozen or so […]

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Welcome to the Dordogne

On Saturday, we bid Lézargol a very fond farewell and headed south. While at dawn the sky was quite clear, it almost immediately clouded up and the wind was blowing a gale – as seen below at the Plage de Pentrez. Definitely the most surf we’ve seen in France! We thought, “Phew, getting out of […]

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The GR 34

What’s the best sign in Brittany? This one: Why? Because it means you’re on the Grande Randonnée (GR) 34, the hiking trail that goes all the way around the coast of Brittany. It’s 1800 kilometers long. We’ve only hiked a fraction of those kilometers, but we’ve enjoyed them all. There’s something for everyone: stark natural […]

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Happy All Saints’ Day

All Saints’ Day (November 1) is a national holiday here. School children have been on vacation for the last two weeks; today their parents get the day off too. We’ve been seeing a big sign on a greenhouse nursery for weeks – “Ici Fleurs de Toussaint” (All Saints’ Flowers Here). The French tradition is to […]

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The Sea Wind

The wind blows pretty strongly almost every day here near the coast. It’s delightful while we hike and, when it blows hard, invigorating. There’s quite an updraft when you walk up to the edge of a cliff – a hat-keeper is an essential wardrobe element. But what’s most impressive about the wind is what everyone […]

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Lunch and a Show

Today we had an outstanding lunch at a restaurant in Le Fret, the Hostellerie de la Mer. It had been on our to-do list for a while – we had tried to eat here for J’s birthday, but they were full. So first, since J’s into that sort of thing, let’s talk about the lunch… […]

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