Last week we visited the medieval city of Carcassonne, which claims to be the second most-visited attraction in France (the Eiffel Tower is first). Given all the narrow streets, we were happy to be here in January without the crowds! Look how long the shadows are – and this was at noon! C was visiting […]

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Béziers claims to be the oldest town in France… who knows how many other towns claim the same thing? (Perhaps I’m feeling a little jaded, having just read up on the “Cathar” castles in the area, many of which were built after the Cathars were killed (by Catholics in a crusade).) Regardless, Béziers is a […]

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Welcome to Narbonne

We left the Dordogne a week earlier than originally planned, worn down by the rain and okay but not the greatest accommodations. We came three and a half hours south and a little east to the small city of Narbonne, which is just a few kilometers from the Mediterranean. Three and a half hours isn’t […]

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Standing guard over our favorite bakery in Castelnaud-la-Chapelle is the Château de Castelnaud. We visited with our friends S & B during the week before Christmas on one of the rare sunny days of our two months in the Dordogne. (S & B get all the credit – they brought the sun with them on […]

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Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

The week before Christmas we had the pleasure of hosting our friends S & B for a week. The floodwaters were receding from their high point, having flooded the road just a few houses down – and making us happy we’d rented a place on the second floor, so we headed out for the longest […]

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Man the Pumps!

Have we mentioned the rain? Yes, after a brief respite, the heavenly faucets are once again open and the river is rising rather quickly. And the forecast is … rain! The object sticking out of the water furthest to the left above is the sign in the picture below: This is nothing, however, compared to […]

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