Hiking Crozon: Morgat to Ty ar C’hure

Another cloudy day – this time without any fleeting blue patches. Sigh. M sees a silver lining: The clouds are never uniform – they have lots of layers, textures, and shades of gray – inspiring him to try to duplicate them with watercolors. J, on the other hand, sees a raincoat in her backpack.

We started in Morgat, a very picturesque beachside village. Some day when the sun’s out, we’ll take some pictures and show you. For today, I’m afraid all we have is a picture of the marina – a fine example of creating a harbor where you want one:

Le Port de Morgat

When we saw outdoor laundry facilities at supermarkets, it hadn’t occurred to me (J) that a marina is the perfect place for them. I remember schlepping boatbags full of laundry to far-off laundromats when we went on our annual summer sailing cruises – this is much more convenient.

Our hike had nice variety: old fortifications, a lighthouse, aromatic pine forest, a calvary, steep climbs, and a very anti-climactic megalithic site (or did we miss it?).

As always, M got to the top first
This is the megalith?

We were surprised to find a cross out in the middle of the woods. It was erected in gratitude for the survival of a family’s three sons during WWI.

One feature we could have done without was a crowd of hikers going the other way. As we descended a steep section, a group of 40 or so hikers passed us going up. The convention is that those going up have the right of way, so we stepped to the side and said Bonjour and Bon courage as they filed slowly past. It took a long time… M said that seeing so many older people hiking gave him hope for the future. I’m afraid I burst his bubble by telling him many looked to be about his age. The future is now – carpe diem!

One thought on “Hiking Crozon: Morgat to Ty ar C’hure

  1. Well done! Looks like a challenging hike, but so interesting. Hope you seen the sun soon!


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