Hiking Narbonne: Massif de la Clape

On Sunday, as we headed toward the Mediterranean for a hike on the Massif de la Clape, there was a little surprise awaiting us in the parking garage:

M was enchanted. Apparently a Citroën 2CV club came to town for lunch… My personal favorite:

Our hike started in the mariner’s cemetery below the Chapelle de Notre Dame des Auzils.

I’d never given much thought to what happened when sailors were at lost at sea… Here there are memorials dating back over 150 years for mariners lost all over the world – Marseille, Le Havre, off the coast of Morocco, Hong Kong, and many others.

Some were particularly grim – the one below memorializes a woman’s husband, son, and brother, all lost in the same shipwreck. One of those above is for a father and son. Sailing together with your loved ones definitely had its risks.

A succession of hermits lived here for over 200 years. There’s a grotto (with bats) just below the chapel – perhaps they lived there first?

From the top of the massif, there are beautiful views to vineyards below and to the Mediterranean.

To the west, are the Pyrenees, showing just a little snow.

Across the top of the massif, the garrigue, as the French call this type of area, is very rocky with mostly low scrub, with lots of rosemary here. The smell as you brush past it is delightful.

Well, we thought it was rocky up there. Then we went through a long gulch that gave new meaning to the word “rocky”.

Pebble production in motion – very slow-mo though:

One thought on “Hiking Narbonne: Massif de la Clape

  1. Thank you for the ongoing posts and pics … wonderful, throughout. Too bad you can’t borrow one of those little Citroens for a little back-road fun! Keep the adventure news coming!


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