On Tuesday we drove an hour (but only 47 km (29 mi)) to the town of Cahors on the Lot river. The drive was beautiful, curving through valleys covered in the first frost we’ve seen. We had a fine lunch at Le Bergougnoux and then walked around town. Cahors is a pretty town, but hard to photograph with its narrow streets and tall buildings – we did our best:

A very French cross – It has a rooster on top
A handicapped sticker on a scooter – never seen one of those before
The King of Naples – why is he memorialized here??

We’ve seen many roads and squares named for Léon Gambetta. Cahors has more reason than most towns – he was born here

One word to the wise if you’re visiting Cahors – the public toilets are closed from noon to two – even though they’re automated! In France, even the machines get a lunch break… maybe they went on strike and demanded equal treatment?

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