Hiking Périgord: Vitrac

We started Monday’s hike in the hamlet of Le Colombier between La Roque-Gageac and Vitrac. This handsome fellow was one of the first things we saw:

He was either posing or studiously ignoring us…

We were once again mainly walking through the woods. At the highest point of the hike we came out to a road and found this little cottage:

The woods are full of low bushes with red berries, perhaps a type of holly? On yesterday’s hike, we saw almost no berries, but lots of clipped bits of branches on the path. We suspect that people are out gathering them for Christmas decorations…

We continue to see many plants that are too tender to survive the winters at home. Are they all native, or are some escaped houseplants running wild? This cyclamen has fabulous leaves to complement its delicate flowers:

Another view of the cyclamen leaves
Some other plant with gorgeous leaves

Near the end of the hike we came to the small village of Vitrac.

Another distinctive barn!

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