The Sea Wind

The wind blows pretty strongly almost every day here near the coast. It’s delightful while we hike and, when it blows hard, invigorating. There’s quite an updraft when you walk up to the edge of a cliff – a hat-keeper is an essential wardrobe element.

But what’s most impressive about the wind is what everyone is doing with it! These carts, for instance, look like a whole lot of fun.

So does flying along the beach on a kiteboard, though it’s presumably a lot harder to learn…

These windsurfers were screaming across the bay…

We’ve seen lots of sailboats, but never as many in one place as we did on this day on the way to the Pointe de Pen Hir:

Para-gliders look way more comfortable than the old style of hang-glider – the aeronauts are sitting down. These are flying over our local beach, the Plage de Caméros.

Remotely-controlled gliders are also common – not just on the big hills, as in the pictures below, but off the cliffs along the beach near us.

And I’ll close with one of my favorite pictures of the trip so far:

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