Quimper Redux

We had briefly visited Quimper in early September; yesterday we went back for a closer look. Our visit certainly started off better than last time – we had an excellent lunch at Le Gandhi, an Indian restaurant. It was great to find some truly spicy food, something very un-French.

We spent the afternoon walking around downtown Quimper. It is full of attractive half-timbered houses, mixed in among newer buildings.

Some of the houses even seemed to take their color palette from the macarons in the shop windows.

We had tried macarons on our last visit to Brittany and weren’t impressed. These looked so good, however, we decided to give them a second chance. And they were delicious! We sampled raspberry, salted butter caramel, fig, Hazelnut praline, and two types of chocolate – 70% and 56%. M’s favorite was fig, J’s was caramel.

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