Here We Go!

We’d been idly talking about spending an extended period in France for a few years. We didn’t really get serious until two years ago, when J decided she would join M in retirement in a year.

After a whole lot of planning (we’ll write about that in the future), we’ve decided to spend two months in five areas of France: Brittany, Périgord, Narbonne, the Loire Valley, and Lyon. Plus an initial week on the Ile de Ré, as a “vacation” before the hard work of our French stay begins.

The first year of joint retirement has flown by and now our French adventure is just two days away… yikes! How many things are left on that to-do list??

We’re headed to France for ten months. Woo-hoo!

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5 thoughts on “Here We Go!

  1. Sounds great. We live in Finland and have made many European road trips. One of the best was driving from Finland to Nordkapp (Norway). Finland offers surprises which do not exist elsewhere.

    Be careful!

    Happy and safe travels!


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