Hiking Périgord: Vézac

Fueled by our Thanksgiving leftovers, we headed out from La Roque-Gageac this afternoon on a hike that looped to the north and west of the village. It was amazingly warm – we never expected to be dressed like this on November 29th: After a short walk on a road, we headed up into the trees. […]

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Le Château de Beynac

The first time we visited the Dordogne, in 2004, we were surprised to learn that the English had spent a lot of time fighting the French here in southwestern France – not just during the Hundred Years war but for several hundred years. The English King Richard I was actually imprisoned in a tower in […]

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We wrote about the Saturday market in Sarlat a few days ago. This time we’d like to show you the town. Wikipedia says the center of Sarlat is an excellent example of a French town in the 1300s, because “modern history has passed it by.” I’m guessing that wasn’t so great for the inhabitants, but […]

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Hiking Périgord: St Julien

Whew! Yesterday evening, we were happy to be in our apartment, warm and fed, rather than just getting back, long after dark. Our three-hour hike came far too close to being a six-hour slog. More on that later… Our hike began on the GR (Grande Randonnée) 64 – our first steps on this hiking path, […]

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Doors of Domme

While we walked around Domme on Sunday, we really enjoyed seeing all the different details on the doors and gates … and we got a little carried away taking pictures of them…. hope you enjoy the variety!

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Sunday dawned bright and sunny – what a pleasant surprise! We gave the Sunday Chicken a pass this week and had Sunday Duck instead. Sautéed peppered duck breasts in a red wine sauce -yum! And we’ve really come to enjoy mashed potatoes with celeriac (celery root) in them. We’d never had celeriac at home, where […]

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Saturday in Sarlat

You can get anything you want at … the Saturday marché. Hmm, it doesn’t quite have the same ring as the Guthrie original, but it’s true! The nearest large town, Sarlat-la-Canéda, has a small market on Wednesday and a larger one on Saturday. Having gone to the Wednesday one, which had a dozen or so […]

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